St Luke's Church Services

Greetings Friends.

Unfortunately the Covid virus has raised its head again and we are in lockdown.

Please note there will be no Church, no Playgroup, or any other meetings on the St Luke’s site, until further notice.

We thank God for the excellent health and administrative resources available to us in Australia. We especially pray that by God’s grace our Premier and Chief Medical Officer will continue to direct our affairs with wisdom for the good of all.

Also, it will be good if each of us think specially of others and stay in touch with them to ensure that all are cared for.

God willing, we look forward to enjoying the safety to meet together in person for mutual encouragement in the near future.

Prayerful best wishes,
Ken Fenton

Connecting with St Luke's

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Weekly Services at St Luke's


Dated 23rd September 2021

Notice is hereby given that the Parish Council of the Parish of Concord and Burwood intend to apply to the Standing Committee of the Synod of the Diocese of Sydney for an ordinance to amend the Concord and Burwood Trust Ordinance 2005 to bring some terms and clauses up to date, and to allow the Parish to invest some of its funds with the ACPT.

A copy of the proposed Ordinance is annexed to this notice - view here.

Any objections to the proposed Ordinance may be presented in accordance with the Ordinance Procedure Ordinance 1973 (as amended) to – - at any time before the expiration of 3 weeks from the date of posting of this notice.

If you do decide to send an objection, please ensure that it – (1) states your name and address, and (2) distinctly specifies the grounds of opposition.

Any personal information contained in an objection will be held in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Sydney Diocesan Services (SDS). A copy of any objection may be provided by SDS to the Rector and Wardens of the Parish to allow them to give a response to the Standing Committee. The policy can be accessed at –

K. Fenton on behalf of the Parish Council

Position Available

Our church is seeking a woman to work [paid], one day per week, with parents and children, in the context of our playgroup and church.