St Luke's Anglican Church - Concord and Burwood

worships at 9 am every Sunday we sing hymns. the clergy wear robes. and we attempt to make the liturgy worthy of God's love to each person as it has been shown to us through Jesus Christ. we sing hymns. we always have the Eucharist. we have a good number of servers who assist. we read from the Bible. we hear from one of our preachers - rarely is it the same person each week and we use our pipe organ given to the Parish in 1884. we enjoy baptising young people into God's church, funerals are personal and meaningful and weddings impress.

a community

our oldest parishioner is over 104, many are in their 80's and 90's. most have been here for some time. they all love and look out for each other. we have some school age children who love participating in the liturgy of the church. there is a lot of noise during the morning tea in the hall after our Sunday service. nearly everyone who comes to church stays for a talk and a cuppa. usually about 50 people come along. we hope that number will grow to be more. each Wednesday at ten am about 20 people meet for prayers, singing and a joyful morning tea with sandwiches and cakes.

a place

our church is in Burton Street, Concord near what was once the Council Chambers of Concord. our building is over 150 years old. people are surprised at the beauty of our building. we have a meditation path in the grounds which was built during 2010. the church is a very peaceful place. we have a columbarium with few equals.

a welcome

you might find us just the place you are searching for. we are searching for answers. we welcome those who want to go on the journey God calls us on. we are a place where there is much to do and the door is open to those who want to help. we try to use all the resources which people can bring to our church. we hope that people find a happy way to say yes to God.